The Development and Future of Loft Software in China Tower Enterprise

At present, there is a general lack of a clear technical innovation strategy for domestic steel tower manufacturers. Technology progress is slow and blind. With the accession to the WTO, Chinese enterprises keep on going with the international community. Some enterprises with strong technological capabilities have begun to contract more and more large international projects. Domestic steel tower manufacturers should establish a sense of crisis, should continue to increase the technological strength of enterprises, vigorously carry out technological innovation, not only from the lofting technology, but also from the business process to start. Therefore, the enterprise technology innovation strategy is a project that has a great impact on the development of the enterprise. The implementation process of enterprise technological innovation strategy is the process of continuous improvement of technological capabilities of enterprises and the process of enterprises continuously gaining competitive advantage in the tide of market economy. Enterprises through technological progress and innovation, not only can improve economic efficiency and product quality, but also can gradually develop the staff's overall sense of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, so that enterprises form a good team, and thus create a good atmosphere of unity and cooperation. And all these new business needs require the support of a computer system. The implementation of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) in tower manufacturing enterprises has become an undisputed trend. Who grasp the opportunities, who grasp the future, on the contrary to content with the status quo, stick to conventions is equal to go against the boat, do not go back, will eventually be increasingly fierce competition eliminated.

Stakeout Enterprise With the rise of China's tower manufacturing industry and the rapid development of computer technology, it has undergone decades of evolution and has generally been lofted from original manual lofting to computer software. With the continuous development of science and technology, the disadvantages of manual lofting work have become more and more prominent. Enterprises have come to realize that the lofting technology has become the key to enterprise development and must pass through the threshold, and began to extensive use of computer software lofting. In addition, with the rapid development of computer graphics processing technology in the past decade or so, rapid changes have taken place in computer lofting software. Loft software input from the earliest two-dimensional coordinate text data file is input to the three-dimensional coordinate text data file and then input interactively into the three-dimensional coordinate system under AutoCAD, and finally the software is set up to interactively input data under the independent intellectual property right three-dimensional work platform. After four generations of software development.