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China's steel tower into state-owned enterprise reform experimental field in 2015 to save industry investment 50 billion yuan

China's steel tower into state-owned enterprise reform experimental field in 2015 to save industry investment 50 billion yuan

Apr 14, 2016

It is understood that as of the end of 2015, China Tower totally undertook the construction demand of 584,000 and delivered 485,000 towers. In line with the principle of "giving priority to the use of stock and sharing without new construction", the sharing rate of the new tower has increased substantially to 75% The telecom operators build their own communication base stations to reduce the construction of 265,000 base stations and save 50 billion yuan (RMB) of investment in the industry and reduce the land occupation of 13,000 mu, making the construction of communication facilities faster and more efficient. .

Not only that, during the Spring Festival in 2016, the project of delivering high-speed rail communication covering the west of Hainan by the China Tower was delivered and the good 4G signal of the high-speed railways provided passengers with an enjoyable Internet experience. The project was divided into three parts by the telecom operators to construct the unified planning and construction of China's iron towers. The number of new towers along the line was increased from 500 to 307, sharing a rate of 98.7% and created a precedent for all base stations to share high-speed rail power systems. Achieve investment province, fast construction, high level of network security, praised by all parties.

Tong Ji Lu, general manager of China Tower, told WorldCom correspondent: "China Tower Corporation is a new state-owned enterprise, like a piece of white paper, which can be used to draw newer and more beautiful pictures." We are trying hard to build a system and operation mode featuring China's iron tower. Bring the problems of the traditional state-owned enterprises to the new company and insist on wearing new shoes and take the new road. "

State-owned enterprises reform a new road: "Tower Model" by the praise

Since telecom operators hold the key basic resources of national information and communication, they have long been in a "semi-closed" state. Although it is indeed effective in terms of the management and control of the country's strategic public basic resources, as the three major operators operate independently and compete with each other, many basic resources including the communications tower over the years are "exclusively used" and therefore also result in Large area of repeated construction and waste of resources, with the widespread popularization of smart phones and mobile terminals, mobile communications coverage continues to expand, "Twin Towers", "multi-tower" and other situations can be seen everywhere.

Although China proposed the "co-construction and sharing" model many years ago, due to the lack of a strong operation mode and management mechanism, the sharing of resources among the three major operators has not been realized until the emergence of China Tower Corporation.

China Tower was brewed on March 26, 2014 and was established on July 18 that year. The registered capital of 10 billion yuan by the China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and other three operators were 40%, 30.1% and 29.9% of the proportion of funding. On October 14, 2015, the company introduced "China State New" as its new shareholder. The shareholding structure was adjusted to 38% of China Mobile, 28.1% to China Unicom, 27.9% to China Telecom and 6% to China.

As of the end of 2015, China Tower assets exceeded 270 billion yuan, 1.52 million total communications towers, employees 18,500 people (including part-time employment). The company implemented a total score structure, headquartered in Beijing, the same time in the country set up 31 provincial branches and branches around the city. Mainly engaged in communications towers and other base stations supporting facilities and indoor distribution system construction, maintenance and operation.

The reason why it is called the "experimental field" for the reform of state-owned enterprises is that China's iron and steel tower uses the common basic resources originally belonging to the three operators together to avoid duplication of investment and waste of resources among operators and to achieve network The unified planning and layout of resources has effectively promoted the business transformation and upgrading of operators, and the figures for saving investment in network construction are also very impressive.

One China Tower staff told WorldCom reporter: "Last year, the sharing rate of our new tower was 74.7%, equivalent to less built 265,000 base stations, an average base station cost about 188,000 yuan, can save about 50 billion industry Of the investment.A share of each increase of one percentage point can save 660 million, the effect is obvious.

Fully market-oriented operation, industry and society double income

Tong Jilu told "Correspondence World" reporter: "The reform of the tower company is a typical three with their own common resources, which can be enjoyed by the three in an integrated manner and enjoyed better for the society. Here lies the core of the reform. The whole process of the tower is completely market-oriented, that is, stripping, selling and leasing back. Market-oriented operation is easy to be said and difficult to do. It is very important that we can really understand the price and value of the tower base station. "

After nearly a year and a half of hard work, now China Tower handed in a satisfactory answer sheet. First of all, the industry and social benefits have risen significantly. Through the construction, maintenance and management of the "three in one" to eliminate duplication, the new tower sharing has risen sharply, with 83% of China Telecom, 82% of China Unicom and 46% of China Mobile, saving a lot of investment and land resources, For the industry and society to bring immediate benefits.

Second, effective appreciation and enlargement of state-owned assets. Through capital increase and share expansion and the introduction of new shareholders, the Company acquired the tower-related assets of the three telecom enterprises at a premium of nearly 20%, cash payment of nearly 100 billion yuan and additional shares to realize the effective appreciation of state-owned assets.

Third, the implementation of the national strategy can be effectively supported and guaranteed. The construction volume of China's iron tower in the previous year is equivalent to nearly 1/3 of the cumulative total construction of the industry in the past 30 years, driving the 4G network and service quality of telecom enterprises to upgrade. It has changed the past situation of building towers independently and has achieved unified layout and unification Construction, to meet the demand of 4G construction more quickly and economically and provide strong support for the implementation of broadband China and "Internet +".

More importantly, China Tower has not only focused on the telecommunications industry. In addition to its commitment to the construction of the tower base station, China Tower also undertook the construction of three major public places such as subways, airports, transportation hubs, and large venues Indoor distribution system (indoor communication coverage) project 11,800, of which the total length of the subway project reached 444 km, the total length of high-speed rail project reached 1524 km. Through the integration of needs, unification and optimization and innovation, measures such as cost reduction and efficiency enhancement have been promoted. For example, the Dalian Metro public network coverage project is the first large-scale rail transit communications coverage project undertaken by the China Tower, enabling three operators 2G / 3G / 4G nine systems at the same time construction, opening up, construction investment than the three operators Down 57%, and created the shortest record of similar projects.

Reviewing the achievements of China Tower over the past year and a half, Professor Gao Minghua of Beijing Normal University believes that the key point of China Tower is sharing, saving a lot of resources through sharing, and avoiding a large amount of duplicate investment. Under such a model, many areas of infrastructure construction can be promoted.

More importantly, creating new ideas through sharing is not simply the pursuit of GDP, but more of the creation of national wealth. "While the Tower Company has reduced its duplication of investment and redundant construction, GDP actually decreased but it increased The efficiency of the utilization of assets is also conducive to environmental protection.China has entered a deepening stage of reform, we should establish such a new concept, focusing on the increase of national wealth, 'the tower model' in this point to our great inspiration. Gao Minghua said.

 "Wear new shoes and take a new road," put an end to the defects of the management of the old state-owned enterprises

In fact, the innovation brought about by the "tower model" is not only reflected in the aspects of cost saving and resource sharing, but also achieved many innovations in the governance mechanism and management mechanism as compared with the traditional state-owned enterprises, such as de-administrativeization There was no administrative matter at the beginning, and the board of directors recruited general managers, including other management personnel.) Flat management (less than 100 headquarter of concentration headquarters and tower company headquarters) is also rare in the domestic state-owned enterprise matrix ).

It is understood that under the auspices of the coordination group of tower companies jointly organized by SASAC and MIIT, under the strong support of the three operators, China Tower draws lessons from the flat, efficient, open and sharing of the Internet. In terms of institutional mechanism innovation and management model innovation A series of explorations and practices have been conducted.

To prevent the body bloated, people floating on things.

According to reports, China Tower's organizational structure and management mechanism has obvious characteristics of the Internet: the company drastically reduced the number of management chain and managers, down power and level, the company 90% of the staffing in the production line; make full use of IT Means to enable the enterprise to operate efficiently, in a standard and transparent manner. The bloated headquarters is the root cause of the enterprise-led management of large-scale enterprises. There are only seven departments in the headquarters of the tower company. There are no offices in the department and only 89 Person, far below the headcount of 300 or so central enterprises in the same asset scale. Small headquarters to undertake large functions, centralized management of property, support national IT and research and development.

Abolish the disadvantages of the excessive administration of the traditional state-owned enterprises

China Tower at the beginning of its formation, the management are hiring from the market-oriented industry, the Board of Directors studied through. Headquarters department heads, general manager of provincial branches are also produced through market competition, selection and hiring process to ensure a standardized and transparent and fair and equitable. In the process of selecting and hiring managers at all levels, the whole company selects the standard from top to bottom, unifies the work flow, unifies the support platform and supervises the headquarters implementation process.

Internet to buy "tower", insist on transparency, sunshine

The investment and construction of infrastructure, procurement and maintenance involve huge amounts of funds and numerous coordination units, often in areas with multiple corruptions. These have posed great challenges to the traditional management and operation modes. To this end, China Tower relies on the Internet to build a similar "Taobao" "Tower online business platform." Since April 1, 2015, it has realized online procurement of office and logistics supplies. Since July, it has started to procure various online services such as construction, maintenance and operation of materials, design, construction and other services in succession, and achieved maintenance of grass-roots units throughout the country Staff directly in the "Internet tower."