Steel Industry Policies and Regulations

Interestingly, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said it has held a meeting with relevant departments to study and start the formulation of the merger and reorganization of the steel industry regulations, at the same time will be revised formulated in July 2005 the "steel industry development policy."

     In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information released the operation of the steel industry since the beginning of 2009. Although the steel industry showed some signs of recovery as a series of national policies to expand investment and stimulate domestic demand were launched, the price of steel dropped again due to the rapid recovery of output .

     Data show that from January to February total, the national steel industry profit from 255.5 billion yuan a year earlier to a loss of 770 million yuan. Among them, key large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises since last October has been a loss for five consecutive months, January-February total loss of 1.51 billion yuan, loss-making 37.1%, more than 5 million tons of corporate losses of 50%.

     In this regard, the Ministry of Industry said that in the downstream industry has not yet fully recovered, the steel industry must control the total amount as the top priority of the year.