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Tower Industry Status Analysis Power grid construction to promote the industry market continues to expand

Tower Industry Status Analysis Power grid construction to promote the industry market continues to expand

Apr 14, 2016

At present, the world's tower market is huge and has been growing at an accelerated pace every year. The tower market has great potential and is developing rapidly. China is still a developing country. Relatively speaking, labor resources are abundant, production costs are low, and resources are abundant. Major groups in the world have been involved in China one by one. Imported raw materials do not have to be imported, so they can also get cheap products. Due to the rapid opening up of foreign information design and software development to China, we have been able to walk through the road that people have taken for decades in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, most of the existing tower enterprises in our country have been restructured successfully or are being restructured Have a good competitive mechanism, all of which have laid a good foundation for our industry to establish its international competitiveness.


    It is reported that from January 1, 2015 began to undertake the new tower task to the end of last year, China Tower to undertake a total construction demand of 584,000, delivered to the Tower 485,000, in particular, adhere to the "priority to use the stock of resources can be shared without the new" by Reuse the existing tower base station resources, the new tower sharing rate increased dramatically to 75%, compared to the three telecom operators to build their own communication base stations, reducing the 265,000 base station construction, saving industry investment 50 billion yuan, reducing the land occupation of 13,000 mu , Making the construction of communications facilities faster and more efficient to promote better.

This move greatly accelerated the progress of 4G network construction. Telecom operators in Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei, Fujian, Guizhou, Hubei and Hainan sent letters of appreciation one after another, praising China Tower's strong support and protection in its 4G network construction.

According to the forward looking Industry Research Institute "2016-2021 China Tower Industry Market Perspective and Investment Strategy Analysis Report" shows that China's annual output of iron towers in more than 100,000 tons of nearly 20; more than 20,000 tons of large tower plant more than 20, These mature production technologies and strong market competitiveness have set a solid foundation after many years of development and controlled about 65% of the tower market in the country. The remaining 35% of the market share is the tower plant with an annual production capacity of less than 10,000 tons, Low-voltage lines in the production of angle steel tower and communications tower based. These manufacturers have a certain degree of senior design capabilities.

The power industry and communications industry are the major consumers of the tower. The development of these two industries has directly contributed to the development of the tower industry. Tower industry consumption is gradually expanding. China's consumption of the tower industry With the economic and technological development, the consumer market has gradually expanded.