65-based high-voltage tower so Gaupi climb high-speed

Li Pan highway construction, a total of 10 10 kV lines, 17 low pressure Taiwan, two 35 kV lines, two 220 kV lines need to be transformed. Since the start of the Lai Pan Expressway in early 2010, Panzhihua Electric Power Bureau has responded positively to the call of the Panzhihua municipal government and promptly relocated the transmission towers that need to be relocated during the highway construction.

Among them, Qinglongshan Area is the key relocation of the tower project, where 10 kV, 35 kV, 220 kV total displacement of 22 base towers need to be relocated. During the relocation of the tower, electrician workers concentrated all their efforts to dig the tower and remove the relocated tower line. From the end of March to the middle of April, all the relocated towers will be relocated.

For a total length of 50 km Lai Pan Expressway Panzhihua section to give way at the same time, Panzhihua Electric Power Administration also bent on providing convenience for the construction side, so that the construction unit where the power to the timely delivery to ensure that the construction unit along the highway The production and life of electricity