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The purpose and characteristics of the steel tower

The purpose and characteristics of the steel tower

Nov 06, 2019

For mobile/unicom/traffic satellite positioning system (GPS) and other communication departments, communication base stations, radar stations, airports, oil depots, missile positions, PHS and various base stations for direct lightning protection and building roofs, power plants, forests, Important places such as fuel depots, weather stations, and factory workshops.
In the construction of modern communication and radio and television signal transmission towers, no matter whether the user chooses the ground plane or the roof tower, it will play a high-profile communication antenna, increase the communication or TV transmission signal service radius, and achieve the ideal professional communication effect. It also serves as the lightning protection grounding, aviation warning and decoration of the building. Beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, well-designed and well-made, the tower body has channels, easy to install, repair, and maintain. The shape is novel and chic. It can respond to various modern buildings, can increase the appearance of the building, and enhance the building. Overall image.