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What are the characteristics of the steel tube tower?

What are the characteristics of the steel tube tower?

Nov 06, 2019

The steel tube tower structure has relative technical and economic advantages and is suitable for use in transmission towers subjected to large loads.
(1) Load characteristics
The steel pipe tower is subjected to small wind pressure, large bending rigidity, simple structure and clear transmission force, which can fully exert the bearing performance of the material, on the one hand, reduce the weight of the tower and reduce the foundation force; on the other hand, it is beneficial to enhance the extreme The ability to resist natural disasters under conditions. In the case of meeting the calculation requirements of strength and stability, the steel pipe tower with relatively small wind pressure coefficient can significantly reduce the wind load of the tower body.
(2) Section characteristics
The cross-section of the steel pipe member is symmetrical, and the cross-section characteristics are isotropic; the material is evenly distributed around the periphery, and the section has high bending rigidity. For the tension member of the transmission tower, when the cross-sectional area of the steel pipe and the angle steel is equivalent, the steel pipe tower member does not show its advantage. For the bending members of the transmission tower, the steel pipe with a small cross-sectional area and a large radius of gyration can fully exert the mechanical properties of the material to achieve the structural rigidity and stability requirements, especially for the structural geometry and the rods. The long large load tower, the advantage of the stability of the steel tube tower is very obvious.
(3) Construction connection
In terms of structural connection, the main material of the steel tube tower adopts flange connection or intersecting connection, and the oblique material and the main material are connected by inserting or connecting, and the main material of the angle steel tower is connected by inner and outer joints, and other rods are used. They are mainly connected by connecting plates and bolts. The flange and insert plate connection structure of the steel tube tower is relatively simple. Although the welding workload is increased, the eccentricity of the angle steel member is reduced, which adversely affects the bearing performance of the structure, and the rigidity and compactness of the joint are enhanced. To improve the overall stiffness and stability of the structure and the ability to resist wind vibration loads.