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Brief Introduction Of Steel Tower

Brief Introduction Of Steel Tower

Jun 12, 2017

    Steel Tower is an important communication, lightning protection, decorative facilities.Steel Tower

Category: Communication steel tower, lightning protection steel tower, decorative steel tower, craft steel tower.

Material: Steel. Uses: for mobile/unicom/Traffic satellite positioning System (GPS) and other communications departments, communications base station, radar stations, airports, oil depots, missile positions, PHS and all kinds of base station direct lightning protection and building roof, power plants, forests, fuel depots, weather stations, factory workshops and other important places.Steel Tower

Decorative Steel tower Features: In modern communications and radio and television signal transmission tower construction, regardless of the user chooses the plane or the roof tower, all plays the high communication antenna, increases the communication or the television transmission signal service RADIUS, achieves the ideal professional communication effect. In addition, the roof also played the building's lightning protection grounding, aviation warning and decorate office building double effect.

Beautiful appearance, corrosion-resistant, well-designed design, the tower has a channel, easy to install, repair, maintenance, modelling novel Chic, with a variety of modern buildings to echo, can increase the shape of the building beauty, enhance the overall image of the building.

It is the key of building an innovative city to make the enterprise become the main body of technological innovation and market innovation. It has created a good policy environment for enterprises to enhance their independent innovation ability, accelerate the transformation of results and improve the core competitiveness, and has made some scientific and technological achievements better applied in enterprises.Steel Tower

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