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An Analysis Of The Bearing Capacity Of Steel Tower

An Analysis Of The Bearing Capacity Of Steel Tower

Oct 19, 2017

For the higher voltage level overhead lines generally choose to bear the load capacity, small footprint, long service life of the tower as a support. However, due to some types of old lines there are design flaws, there is to bear the wind load and anti-icing ability of the shortcomings of the use of the process of inverted tower accident, need to be reinforced. Taking 110kV ZGU2 (7727) double circuit straight line as an example, the tower type is widely used in previous line design.Steel Tower

The tower tower a large number of transport, transport ZGU2 type transmission tower for the 10577 base, which stalls more than 300m transmission tower of more than 600 base. If the use of higher strength of the tower to the overall replacement of the transmission tower to improve the line carrying capacity, which will not only bring high construction costs, but also for the line to carry out the power outage maintenance workload is also very large.Steel Tower In the extreme weather conditions such as ice, the main material of the tower is the weak part of the structure of the force, to improve the carrying capacity of the tower, the need to strengthen the main material. The use of welding reinforcement technology, in the non-power supply conditions under the reinforcement of the transmission tower to improve its carrying capacity, will significantly reduce the cost of the project, bringing significant economic and social benefits.Steel Tower

The technology is analyzed synthetically by welding method, so as to promote the application and development of welding tower welding reinforcement technology. The material used in the transmission tower is Q235, Q345, the material used for reinforcement is Q345. The carbon equivalent of the steel is CE≤0.4%. The welding consumables are not hardened at the time of welding, the welding performance is good and the cold crack sensitivity is low. There is no strong carbide forming element in the steel, which is insensitive to reheat cracking.Steel Tower