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Analysis Of Circuit Simplification System In Power Substation

Analysis Of Circuit Simplification System In Power Substation

Oct 10, 2017

The interoperability supported in digital substations has freed users from the difficulties of interconnection of different manufacturers, and improved the freedom of choice of products in substations. Not only that, the general configuration has improved the ability of the user to control the device, even if the supplier of some equipment has a problem, the product can still be organized in the same system with other equipment, thus protecting the substation investment. The standardized information model realizes the substation information sharing, some protection functions which must be realized by the IED can be realized by a software module, such as Busbar protection, standby and so on, the reduction of equipment reduces the area of the substation, saves a lot of cost and improves the reliability.Power Substation

Two times circuit design simplifies, the wiring greatly reduces, obviously reduces the installment, the debugging, the maintenance work, the maintenance staff from the complicated wiring verification free out. The digital substation realizes the information sharing, the equipment provides the richer condition monitoring information, according to this information may realize the more intelligent maintenance work, including the fault diagnosis and the localization, the maintenance is simpler. A significant reduction in the cable has also saved a lot of investment. These savings are sufficient to offset the increase in network investment. Although the total investment and conventional substation similar, but digital substation cost-effective greatly improved.Power Substation

In the past few years, the domestic intelligent equipment product quality promotion is very fast, from some test run station's recent feedback situation can be seen, the intelligent equipment has been from the initial instability to meet the level of application in the field. The industrial Ethernet is applied to the power system with the microcomputer protection, and it is the mainstream communication mode of substation automation system in recent years.Power Substation There are no problems in the reliability of Ethernet communication between the station control layer and the interval layer in a lot of engineering practice. However, the communication between the interval layer and the process layer puts forward higher requirements for real-time and reliability, but through the research and practice in the past two years, the problem has been solved. It can be said that the original constraints on the development of digital substation has been the elimination of the factors.Power Substation