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Analysis Of Detail Structure Of Power Substation

Analysis Of Detail Structure Of Power Substation

Aug 11, 2017

     Substation is in the mountains, there are many wires, like the steel and wood in the same place? Since substations are so important, how come we've never seen them in town? This is because the general urban substation in the form of box-type substation and underground substation, wearing a stealth cloak silently drop in our side. and the high voltage level of substations are mostly civil foundation and structure. Transformer, as its name implies, is the transformation voltage, current, its basic principle is the principle of electromagnetic induction. Through electromagnetic induction to achieve different voltage levels of power conversion, that is, alternating currents from one voltage and current to another or several different frequencies of the same but the value of the voltage and current.Power Substation
    High-voltage circuit breakers and isolating switches accurately open and close movements can ensure that in the equipment (such as generators, transformers, motors, etc.) failure or transmission line failure, the fault can be automatically removed, to ensure that the safe continuous operation of the fault point. Substation is also afraid of thunder. Lightning, easy to cause overvoltage, this is a power system under specific conditions of abnormal voltage rise phenomenon. Substation is the most afraid of overvoltage. What do you think the Lightning arrester looks like? Yes, umbrella, lightning protection umbrella. His work principle is this: when the Thunder, once the line is threatened to protect the insulation of the equipment over the voltage, lightning arrester immediately let the Over-voltage energy released into the earth, the over-voltage limit at a certain level. After the over-voltage effect disappears, the arrester can restore the power system to normal work again.Power Substation
    However, can not use multimeter to go around the test, because the substation equipment voltage is very high, the current is very large. So what? Power plant workers are also people, afraid of electricity. Then reduce the voltage, current ratio, and then measure it. The transformer is the job. The transformer can reduce the high voltage and large current in a certain proportion so as to measure directly with the general electrical instrument.Power Substation
    In addition to measuring, it can be used as a power supply for various relay protection devices. From the basic concept, radiation is a physical effect or physical phenomenon. Power facilities will not produce radiation, it produces electromagnetic fields, we are generally referred to as extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields or power-frequency electric fields, frequency magnetic fields. This electric field and magnetic field are inductive electric fields, inductive magnetic field, because its wavelength is very long, so it will not be absorbed by the human body like electromagnetic radiation, but will be on the surface of the human body to induce a charge, in order to prevent the human body in contact with other objects to produce annoying spark discharge phenomenon, need to control the inductive charge under the threshold.Power Substation