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Application Of Different Types Of Steel Pipe

Application Of Different Types Of Steel Pipe

Jul 04, 2017

    Thick-walled seamless steel pipe in recent years in the pipeline application is very large, can be said to have a huge application. In the pipeline application because of a large number of transport viscosity higher than the liquid, so its unique wear resistance is reflected, so thick-walled seamless steel tube wear-resistant features? 1. High wear-resisting properties: thick-walled seamless steel pipe wear-resistant layer thickness of 3-12 Shan, wear-resistant layer hardness can reach Hrc58-62, wear-resisting performance is more than 15-20 times of ordinary steel plate, is a low alloy steel plate performance of more than 5-10 times, is high chromium cast iron wear-resisting performance of more The abrasion resistance is much higher than that of spray welding and thermal spraying. 2. Good impact performance: thick-walled seamless steel pipe is a double-layer metal structure, wear-resistant layer and substrate is metallurgical bonding between, combined with high strength, can absorb energy in the process of impact, wear-resistant layer will not fall off, can be applied to vibration, impact of strong working conditions, this is the casting of wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials. 3. Very good temperature resistance: thick-walled seamless steel tube alloy carbide at high temperature has a strong stability performance, Wear-resisting steel plate can be used in 500 Shan, other special requirements of the temperature can be customized production, can meet the 1200     Shan under the conditions of use; 4. Good connection performance: thick-walled seamless steel tube base material is ordinary Q235 steel plate, guarantees the wear-resisting steel plate has the toughness and the plasticity, provides the strength which resists the external force, may take the welding, the plug welds, the bolt connection and so on many ways and other structures to connect, the connection is firm , not easy to fall off, more connected than other materials.Steel Pipe
    The steel pipe is not only used for conveying fluid and powdery solids, exchanging heat, making mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economic steel. Using steel tube to make structure truss, pillar and mechanical bracket can reduce weight, save metal $number, and realize factory mechanized construction. The use of steel pipe to make highway bridges can save steel and simplify construction, and can greatly reduce the area of coating layer and save investment and maintenance cost.Steel Pipe
    Welded steel pipe is formed by tube-shaped steel plate to the seam or spiral seam welding, in the manufacturing method, also divided into low pressure fluid transport welding pipe, spiral seam welded steel pipe, direct roll welding pipe, welding pipe and so on. Seamless steel tubes can be used in a variety of industries, such as liquid pressure pipes and gas pipelines. The welding pipe can be used for water pipelines, gas pipelines, heating pipes, electrical pipes, etc. According to the material: steel pipe quality (i.e. steel) can be divided into: Carbon tube and alloy tube, stainless steel pipe. Carbon tube can be divided into ordinary carbon steel pipe and high quality carbon structure pipe. Alloy tube can be divided into: low alloy tube, alloy structure pipe, high alloy pipe, high-strength pipe. Bearing tubes, heat-resistant acid-proof pipe, precision alloy (such as cutting alloy) tubes and high-temperature alloy tubes.Steel Pipe