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Application Of Heavy Steel Pipe Structure

Application Of Heavy Steel Pipe Structure

Aug 27, 2017

              Heavy-duty steel pipe structure is a large diameter, wall, steel-grade steel pipe, specifically refers to the diameter of 500-1200mm, wall thickness of 20-50mm, the material is generally q345bcd-q690e steel pipe. Its concrete use: 1, super high-rise building steel tube structure, typical use is the TV tower steel tube structure. This type of steel and technical indicators are: 1, including columns, oblique bracing, ring beam, floor main girder, beam, antenna, material including Q345, Q345GJ, Q390gj. 2) in line with seismic design. Yield and tensile strength ratio Q345, q345gj not greater than 0. $number; q390gj not greater than 0.85. The elongation should be greater than 20%. 3 Steel Impact toughness are C-class steel, zero impact power is not less than 34J.Steel Pipe

             2, large-span space steel pipe structure, the typical use is the railway station, exhibition venues. The planned "four longitudinal four horizontal" as the skeleton of the National Express passenger network, about 200 railway stations to be rebuilt, the estimated need for steel pipe 300x104t. The main material of the stadium steel is $literal, such as the planned total steel tube structure of China Pavilion of the Expo $literal has 4000t, of which the diameter 750 steel tube has 2800t.Steel Pipe

             3, transmission steel tower, long-distance, high-capacity, low iron loss transmission system is the main direction of transmission line development in China. The statistic steel tube tower saves about 20% steel than the angle steel tower. Materials include Q390, Q420, Q460. The yield strength of high strength steel pipe of American transmission tower is 448MPA; Russia is 578MPA. The 750kV transmission tower of our country tries to adopt Q420 high strength steel, the tower body quality is reduced by 15%, and the good economic benefit is achieved.Steel Pipe