Classification Of Steel Pipes

    According to the cross-sectional shape: steel products and steel specifications and specifications are very numerous, its performance requirements are all kinds of. All of these should be distinguished by changes in user requirements or working conditions. Usually, the steel pipe products according to the cross-sectional shape, production methods, pipe material, connection, plating characteristics and use of classification.Steel Pipe   Steel pipe by cross-sectional shape can be divided into: round steel pipe and shaped steel pipe. Shaped steel pipe is a variety of non-circular section of the steel pipe. Among them are: square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, flat tube, semi-circular tube, hexagonal tube, hexagonal inner tube, unilateral hexagonal tube, equilateral triangle tube, pentagonal flower tube, octagonal tube, convex Shaped tube, double convex tube. Double-shaped tube, multi-concave tube, melon-shaped tube, flat tube, diamond tube, star tube, parallelogram tube, with ribbed tube, dropping tube, inner fin tube, twisted tube, Type tube and multi-layer tube. Steel pipe by longitudinal section shape is divided into: cross-section steel pipe and variable cross-section steel pipe. Variable cross-section (or variable cross-section) Steel pipe refers to the pipe along the length of the cross-sectional shape, inside and outside the diameter and wall thickness, such as periodic or non-cyclical changes in the steel pipe. Its main are: outside the cone-shaped tube, within the cone-shaped tube, outside the ladder tube, the ladder tube, the cycle section tube, bellows, spiral pipe, with heat sink steel pipe and double with a barrel.Steel Pipe    The continuous rolling process is used in the continuous rolling and reduction of the steel pipe. The steel pipe rolling is a process in which the steel pipe and the mandrel move together in a plurality of racks. The deformation and movement of the steel pipe are simultaneously effected by the roll and the mandrel. The mandrel can be free floating, that is, rely on metal to move forward; can also be limited, that is, to give a movement of the mandrel speed, limit its free movement. In the course of the movement, the mandrel, the roll and the steel pipe are connected together as a whole, and the change of any one of them leads to the change of the whole system state. The theory of rolling is the theory of the relationship between them.Steel Pipe