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Construction Technology Of Steel Tower Of Cable-stayed Bridge

Construction Technology Of Steel Tower Of Cable-stayed Bridge

Aug 27, 2017

              The cable-stayed bridge is a kind of bridges whose bridge system is under pressure and the supporting system is pulled, and its deck system is composed of stiffening and its supporting system consists of cables.Steel Tower

              Since the beginning of the Stromsun Bridge in Sweden in 1956, with the development of material science and computer Science, a large number of cable-stayed bridges have been built at home and abroad, and the span is increasing gradually. The cable-stayed bridge has been developed rapidly with the characteristics of large spanning capacity, good structure, simple construction, easy maintenance, low cost and beautiful appearance.Steel Tower

              The cable-stayed bridge is a composite structure composed of the basic structure of the bell, Tower and beam. In a cable-stayed bridge. The beam and the tower are the main load-bearing components, and the flanges are combined into the whole structure. According to the support mode of the beam, including the connection way between the beam and the tower or pier, the structure of the matrix of different forms is formed, however, the beam is suspended on the tower in the form of an elastic support by a diagonal cable, which enhances the stiffness of the beam, and forms a variable cross-section continuous beam with multiple elastic supports, a single cantilever beam, a T-frame and a continuous rigid frame.Steel Tower

              The main tower of the cable-stayed bridge not only bears its own gravity, but also considers the weight of the main girder of the tower through the cable, and the vertical and horizontal load of the main girder bridge, so the main tower must bear not only the huge axial force but also the great bending moment. Bridge towers are generally hollow sections, made of steel or reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete structures can be used as needed. The structure form of the bridge should be based on the layout of the cable, the width of the bridge and the span of the main girder.Steel Tower