Design And Development Of Power Substation

     Intelligent substation is the upgrading and development of digital substation, on the basis of digital substation, combined with the demand of intelligent grid, the substation automation technology is enriched to realize substation intelligent function. From the Smart grid architecture (Fig. 1), intelligent substation is the key to the operation and control of intelligent Power network.Power Substation

     As a link to smart grid power generation, transmission, the key to changing power, power distribution, power consumption and dispatching, intelligent substation is an important power facility to transform voltage, receive and distribute electric energy, control power flow and adjust voltage in smart grid, and it is the focus of three streams collection of "power flow, information flow and business flow" in smart grid, It plays a very important role in building a strong smart grid.Power Substation

     In addition to Transformers, switchgear, transmission and distribution lines and ancillary equipment, the intelligent substation in the hardware of the two important features are a large number of new flexible AC transmission technology and equipment applications, as well as wind power, solar power and other intermittent distributed clean power supply access. These two changes, in the improvement of substation function, but also increased its complexity. Intelligent Substation Automation system should increase the intelligent management and control function of flexible AC transmission equipment and distributed power interface.Power Substation

     The design and construction of intelligent substation must be carried out under the background of intelligent power grid to meet the requirements of the construction and development of China's smart grid, and embody the characteristics of informatization, digitalization, automation and interaction of China's smart grid. Intelligent substation should have the following features: closely connected to the whole network. Power Substation

    From the position and function of intelligent substation in the structure of intelligent power system, the construction of intelligent substation should help to strengthen the tightness of the links between all links in the whole network, which is beneficial to embody the unity of the intelligent power grid, prevent and emergency control of the operation accidents in the interconnected power network, and realize the unified and coordinated control at different levels.Power Substation