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Design Of A New Type Of Modular Wind Turbine Tower

Design Of A New Type Of Modular Wind Turbine Tower

Jul 12, 2017

               A modular tower is designed, which can be used in the field to solve the problem of traffic and transportation limitation. The design increases the diameter and height of the tower by increasing the plate body of the tower frame. Thus, the thinner tower material can be used to improve the steel usage, thus reducing the cost and weight. A new type of tower mounting flange is used with the same standard as the conventional tower, and the flange at the top and bottom of the tower can be connected with the fan and the base by conventional interface. The increased diameter of the bottom of the tower makes the foundation area wider, while the whole foundation does not have to be dug deep enough to reduce the expensive buried seal ring in the traditional Tower Foundation.Wind Turbine Tower

              Modular towers need to be assembled before they are erected. The use of friction-type connection methods used in the construction of bridges and high-rise buildings is carried out on-site erection of towers. The structure of the tower slab and the connection method of the friction bolt are used to make the assembly welding process only 10% to 15% of the traditional tower installation. In addition to further reducing manufacturing time and cost, another advantage of adopting a frictional connection is that the Tensioning tool does not have to be calibrated to reduce the risk of errors during installation because the tensioning process is not achieved through torque. In appearance, the Northstar Tower is still cylindrical, similar to the tubular tower that is currently in use, just the scale of the module connection on the outer side.Wind Turbine Tower

              The transportation problem is also one of the restricting factors of the rapid development of the blower, and the modular tower can be transported by standard trailer. The bottom part of the tower is assembled in the field, and the top part can be transported in advance after being assembled. The transportation cost of Modular tower is only 25%-35% of the same traditional tubular tower. This higher tower can allow developers, wind farm owners to gain greater benefits, while increasing the size and capacity of the wind turbine, to promote the continued growth of the entire wind power industry.Wind Turbine Tower