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Design Of Intelligent Patrol System For Power Substation Electrical Equipment

Design Of Intelligent Patrol System For Power Substation Electrical Equipment

Jul 12, 2017

                 Patrol electronic tag data collection and management system is a control system of patrol operation, which consists of handheld collector, running patrol electronic tag data collecting French, running data management computer, running patrol electronic tag data management and so on. The design of the system, first of all, must enrich the necessary inspection equipment items, and patrol equipment when the best line, and then the credential affirmation of the patrol line and patrol project, the coding of the inspection project, and paste the code into the relevant equipment, all the coding is unique. In the inspection work, the patrol personnel according to the pre-set patrol project, each item. Coaxing the handheld collector to run the equipment to carry on the patrol work, uses the collector scanning equipment electronic tag code, then enters the running data, or through the Process Choice menu to enter the running data, the data collection time automatically produces, does not have the strong person to modify, avoids the patrol personnel's doing the harm. Work, only the completion of the current project data collection, in order to carry out the next project operation, so as to avoid the work of workers missing. Data stored in the collector can be queried, edited, or deleted in real time if required.Power Substation

                 During the running of the data recording process, a data usefulness check is performed, assuming that the data is illegal or the variable is limited, reminding the operator to confirm the input or modification. Spoofing based on RS-232 infrared communication mode or other communication methods, can be simple and rapid to the collector's patrol data uploaded to the computer. Through the process of computer platform can realize the operation of data query and printing, the need to compile data, but also to achieve the statistics and analysis of running data, can generate the required curve, in real time to the regulators and resolution planners need information.Power Substation

                 Patrol the electronic Tag data collection governance model of the specific advantages of the following: Through the process programming, can realize the data illegal reminder, the data misses the reminder, the data record accurate, the fast, the transcription data may inquire, the deletion, the liquid crystal display is clear, the collector and the computer connect, the data transmission instantaneous completes, is accurate.Power Substation