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Design Principle And Characteristics Of Steel Tower

Design Principle And Characteristics Of Steel Tower

Aug 11, 2017

     Product Advantages: The use of steel pipe as column material, wind load coefficient small, strong wind resistance, tower column using outer flange connection, bolts pulled, not easy to damage, reduce maintenance costs Tower column is triangular layout, saving steel, with small, small footprint, saving land resources, siting convenient tower body light weight, transportation and installation convenient, construction period short tower type with wind load curve design, smooth lines, rarely encountered typhoon not easy to collapse, reduce human and animal casualties design conforms to the national steel Structure design code and tower mast Design code, The structure is safe and reliable.Steel Tower
     Lightning protection principle: Lightning Current Flash is a passive, low impedance metal inner conductor of the line, the lightning current after the transmission to the earth, and the protected antenna tower or building does not occur at and electrification, in most cases, the impact of the electrostatic field cable is less than 1/10 of the tower impedance, avoids the building electrification, eliminates the lightning flash limit into the mine current strength, so that protected equipment reduces the impact of counterattack and inductive overvoltage protection range according to GB GB50057 Ball method calculation.Steel Tower
     In the construction of modern communication and radio and television signal transmitting tower project, regardless of the user chooses the plane or the roof tower, all plays the high communication antenna, increases the communication or the television transmission signal service RADIUS, achieves the ideal professional communication effect. In addition, the roof also played the building's lightning protection grounding, aviation warning and decorate office building double effect. Adopt four feet stand-alone structure, conform to steel structure design code.Steel Tower
     In-situ change of steel rod pile in cement pole does not affect the original line and layout; Short power outage time, the day of construction day, do not affect the use of the surrounding users; If you only change the corner bar two hours can be completed; Piling machine does not need external power supply, not affected by the field construction without power; the cost of steel rod Foundation pile is lower than that of concrete foundation. The pile pipe formed by the steel material is improved by the anti-corrosion treatment, and the safety of the foundation pile is greatly enhanced. The construction efficiency of the steel Rod Foundation is simple and convenient.Steel Tower