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Detailed Introduction Of Power Substation

Detailed Introduction Of Power Substation

Jul 04, 2017

     Power substation, changing the voltage of the site. In order to send the power plant sent to the distant place, the voltage must be elevated, into high-voltage electricity, to the user and then the need to reduce the voltage, this kind of lifting voltage work by the substation to complete. The main equipment of substation is switch and transformer. According to the size of different, small called substation. Substation is larger than substation. Substation: Generally voltage level below 110KV step-down substation; substation: including various voltage levels of "step-up, step-down" substation. Substations are power facilities that transform voltages, receive and distribute electrical energy, control the flow of electricity, and adjust voltages through their transformers to connect the power grids at all levels. The substation is in a particular environment; it is a AC conversion process. Like undersea transmission cables and long-distance transport. Some uses the High-voltage direct current transmission to change the electricity form. DC transmission overcomes the loss of capacity and resistance of AC transmission. Has the energy saving effect. The main equipment and connection mode of substation are different according to their function.Power Substation
    It includes circuit breakers, isolating switches, load switches, high-voltage fuses, and so on, are disconnected and closed circuits. The breaker is used to close and disconnect the circuit in the normal operation of the power system, the fault equipment and the line are disconnected automatically under the control of the relay protection device, and the automatic reclosing function can also be made. In China, more than 220KV substations are used for air circuit breakers and six fluoride circuit breakers. The main function of the isolating switch (the cutter gate) is to isolate the voltage in the equipment or line overhaul to ensure safety. It can not disconnect the load current and short-circuit current, should be used in conjunction with the circuit breaker. In the power outage should be first pull the circuit breaker after pulling the isolating switch, the transmission should be first close to the isolating switch circuit breaker. If the misoperation will cause equipment damage and personal casualties. The load switch can disconnect the load current during normal operation, without the ability to disconnect the fault current, and the high-voltage fuse wire is usually used for the transformer or the outlet of the 10KV and above voltage and not frequently operated.Power Substation
    In order to reduce the area of the substation, it is widely used in the total enclosed sulphur hexafluoride (GIS). The circuit breaker, isolating switch, bus, grounding switch, mutual inductor, outlet casing or cable terminal are respectively installed in the respective seal compartment, and the rear focus is composed of a whole shell, which is filled with six fluorinated sulfur gas as insulating medium. This kind of combined electric apparatus has the advantages of compact structure, small weight and light free from atmospheric condition, long overhaul interval, no electric shock and electric noise interference, and has been put into operation in substation before 765KV development. Its disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, manufacturing and repair process requirements are high.Power Substation