Digital Interface Of Power Substation

The substation comprehensive automation technology has been used in the power system mature for several decades, people rely increasingly on automation to bring us convenience, the malpractice of traditional technology can not meet the current power system development. Unlike the current integrated Automation station, there are a number of other features of the digital station: the photoelectric transformer with the principle of Luo's coil is the main features of the photoelectric transformer are simple, small size, light weight, wide ct dynamic range, no saturation phenomenon, no resonance, two times output is not afraid of open circuit, digital output characteristics.Power Substation

Generally can be divided into active and passive two kinds, the active photoelectric transformer, that is, the sensor head part needs to be plus "energy" or "energy" power, using optical fiber transmission data, easy to achieve high-precision, high reliability of the electronic circuit, the difficulty is the power of the remote access technology and power management, and the active physical interval is limited, Long-time high-power laser power supply can affect the life of photoelectric equipment and is susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Passive photoelectric transformer that does not need to external power source of the self-excitation transformer, the difficulty is how to reduce the "wake current" corner, the crystal birefringence phenomenon, fiber polarization effect, wilder constant temperature effect.Power Substation

Because it is possible that conventional transformers and photoelectric transformers exist simultaneously, or the three-phase intersection flow of the photoelectric transformer, the main transformer different voltage side interval to obtain data differential protection needs, bus different interval differential, the line on both sides of the differential protection, secure device synchronization requirements, the need for point-to-point fiber network data collection and distribution, Makes the emergence of the consolidator especially important.Power Substation Smart devices should first have a digital interface, a device is detected signal loop and controlled driving circuit, using microprocessor and photoelectric technology design, substation two times circuit of conventional relays and their logic circuit is replaced by programmable controller, the conventional strong electric analog signal and control cable by photoelectric number and fiber replacement.Power Substation 

Provide electrical information to the interval layer equipment through the process bus interface, receiving control commands such as jump closing of the interval equipment, the intelligent terminals of each circuit breaker enter the switch position, the low pressure, the position of the gate and so on, the output jumps the command, including the control circuit, the main body intelligent terminal to enter the non electricity, the neutral point knife position, stalls and other signals Output position control, Neutral point knife control and fan control and other contacts, intelligent equipment is a further combination of mechatronics.Power Substation