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Introduction And Development Trend Of Steel Tower

Introduction And Development Trend Of Steel Tower

Jun 20, 2017

    Uses: for the mobile / Unicom / traffic satellite positioning system (GPS) and other communications sector, communications base stations, radar stations, airports, oil depots, missile positions, PHS and various base stations direct lightning protection and building roof, power plants, Forests, fuel depots, weather stations, factory workshops and other important places. Features: In the construction of modern communication and radio and television signal tower construction, regardless of the user to choose the ground plane or the roof tower, have played a high communication antenna, increase the communication or television transmission signal service radius, to achieve the desired professional communication effect. The roof also played the building's lightning protection grounding, aviation warning and decorate the office building double effect. Beautiful appearance, corrosion-resistant, well-designed design, the tower has a channel, easy to install, repair, maintenance, modeling novel and unique, with a variety of modern buildings echoes, can increase the appearance of the building, Overall image.Steel Tower

    China's transmission tower structure of steel used, compared with foreign advanced countries, a single species, the intensity value is low, the choice of small. When the tower tower load is large, only the combination of cross-section to compensate for the lack of low strength materials, increasing the design, processing workload and investment. US "transmission tower design guidelines" CPC recommended 10 kinds of material standards for designers to choose, the high strength steel yield strength of 448MPa. Russia's "steel structure design specifications" listed in the steel strength level has reached 578Mpa. In recent years, with the continuous development of China's metallurgical industry, the production of high-strength steel is no longer difficult, China's high-strength structural steel quality improved faster and increasingly stable, increasingly smooth supply channels for the transmission line tower The use of high strength steel provides the possibility.Steel Tower

    In the 75OkV transmission line of the early research projects, the State Power Corporation Electric Power Construction Institute has been used for high-strength steel will be encountered in the connection structure, component design parameters, supporting bolts and economic benefits were studied: that the current technology And the use of high strength steel has been fully equipped with the conditions used in the tower, and the use of high strength steel can reduce the weight of the tower 10% -20%. But the current high-strength steel is the biggest obstacle to the use of steel material supply. The steel tower needs more types of steel, the specifications of the bulk of the demand is not large, while high-strength steel forming difficult, high rolling costs, roll adjustment difficulties, so that steel production of high strength steel is not high, the supply is difficult to guarantee.Steel Tower