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On The Structure And Application Of Steel Pipe

On The Structure And Application Of Steel Pipe

Jul 12, 2017

               In recent 20 years, the steel pipe structure has been developed rapidly at home and abroad, and it has been widely used in modern industrial buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, conference halls, terminal buildings, stations, office buildings and hotels. Because of its good performance, it is applied more and more widely at home and abroad. The structure of pipe structure can be divided into beam-type pipe structure and arch-tube structure. The layout form can be divided into plane tube structure and space pipe structure. The main use of two types of cross-section of the tube: round pipe and square tube. The pipe is connected to the tube through the intersecting weld, which makes the structure more neat and beautiful. The hybrid structure system formed by the combination of the pipe structure and the cable, such as the beam string structure, has fully exerted the superiority of different materials or components, and is a direction of the future structure development. The pipe truss has been widely used in large-span facilities such as gymnasium, terminal building, exhibition center, Amusement center and so on.Steel Pipe

               Tubular joints are very important problems in pipe structure, including local stress-strain analysis, failure mechanism research, elastoplastic analysis, design parameter research, effect load and support and fatigue life. Because of the different position of the pipe node in the structure, the form of the connecting component, the stress condition and the requirement of construction, the structure form of the pipe node is many, and the new form of the joint is produced continuously, and the current research results can't cover all the tubular node forms. For example: in the square tube as the head, the pipe joints with tubes for the bearing capacity of the tube is also very few people involved.Steel Pipe

              In this way, it is very difficult to solve the problem of the pipe node in the project, that is, the formula of no bearing capacity and the guidance of the design code. Therefore, although the research of tubular node has been developed for several decades, many kinds of research achievements, but people have a good grasp of the performance of the pipe node is still a lot of gap, which is why the tube node is still a national scholar research hotspot reason.Steel Pipe