Optimal Design Of Wind Turbine Tower

     The manufacture of wind power tower has higher requirements for the strength and toughness of steel plate. The steel plate of wind tower is mainly used to make the structure of wind power tower, which requires high strength, low temperature toughness, strong fracture resistance, good welding performance and surface quality. In order to meet the special requirements of the steel performance of the Wind tower, the research and development of the steel plate for the wind tower was carried out. Wind Turbine Tower

     In chemical composition, the design of the reduction component of NB Micro-alloying element was adopted, by controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology, the mechanical properties of the steel are ensured and the production cost is reduced. Through the research and practice on the surface of the slab, the low SI content and the new high-pressure water descaling process were developed, and the national invention patent was applied, The problem of "Ma Keng" caused by the pressure of oxidized iron sheet in the industry is solved, and the surface quality of the steel plate for the wind tower is ensured.Wind Turbine Tower

     Reduction design of chemical composition of wind tower steel: The chemical composition design of the steel is based on the q345d/e steel of low alloy high strength steels, combined with the mechanical properties and surface quality requirements of the high strength and low temperature toughness of the wind tower Steel, and the design of the quantitative reduction component. Tin Steel Wind tower steel is a reference to the existing q345d/e steel grades of mechanical properties of the chemical composition design, wind tower steel q345d/e mechanical properties requirements, steel low alloy high-strength steel q345d/e mechanical properties.Wind Turbine Tower

    Compared with the standard requirements of wind tower steel, the mechanical properties of q345d/e low alloy high strength steels have a larger margin, in which the yield strength has 90-110mpa allowance, the tensile strength has 80-100mpa allowance, and the low temperature impact power allowance is also around 55-97j. Therefore, the wind tower steel q345d/e in the composition design using the reduction, the addition of NB, by optimizing the rolling process, reduce the two-stage rolling temperature and ACC final cooling temperature, to ensure that the mechanical properties of the product requirements are feasible.Wind Turbine Tower

     The surface quality of the wind-tower steel is high, and the surface mass is at present different degree of the "hemp pit" caused by the pressure of the oxidized metal sheet, which can not meet the requirement of surface quality. According to the relevant literature, when the billet is heated, the SI content in steel is high, its surface diffusion is stronger, and the FEO layer in the oxidized iron sheet is formed in the billet matrix, the melting point of iron olivine is about 1170 ℃, the formation of iron olivine reduces the stripping effect of high pressure water descaling, once a large amount of iron olivine , which is extremely difficult to remove in subsequent descaling. Therefore, the SI content was reduced in the composition design and the target value was controlled at about 0.25%.Wind Turbine Tower