Power Substation

                 The substation's DC system and communication power supply system are equipped with battery group, which is responsible for the maintenance of two professions, namely electrical and communication. The typical scheme of substation integrated power supply is to cancel the battery group of the communication power supply, which integrates the DC power supply system of the station with the DC Transform power supply (DC/D.C.), shares the battery group using the DC system of the station, and unifies the complete set of monitoring equipment.Power Substation

                 The combination method is based on DC Operation Power supply, DC converter is DC input converter DC output power device, the output characteristic satisfies the requirement of communication power supply. It is compatible with the charging device of DC operation power supply and the battery group, which provides the power for the communication equipment of the power station, can reduce the duplicate configuration of the battery group, improve the operational efficiency of the power communication and save the manpower maintenance cost.Power Substation

                 The DC system of substation consists of AC input, charging device, feed screen, battery group, monitoring unit (including feeder State Monitoring Unit), voltage monitoring, insulation monitoring (including grounding line selection), silicon step-down circuit, battery Management unit and DC feeder network. As the power supply of substation control load and some important DC power load, the main task of station is to relay protection, switch and control system, signal systems, automatic devices, such as providing a reliable DC power supply, it is an independent power supply in the substation, not affected by the exchange, in the whole plant or the case of the total loss of electricity, can still guarantee the control signal, protection, automatic device and other power supply and accident treatment.Power Substation