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Reasonable Design Of Power Substation

Reasonable Design Of Power Substation

Oct 19, 2017

For the different types of substation equipment and variables of the electronic label coding, the use of electronic tags and the management of the standard handheld portable, data storage capacity, the advantages of French programmable to develop a more practical and perfect Of the inspection electronic tag data collection and management system for power transmission equipment inspection and data management to provide a strong technical support.Power Substation

Talking about substation substation operation In the operation of power system, substation operation is the operation and management of power grid, switching operation and accident handling mechanism. Each attendant is a direct performer who ensures safe operation of the grid, stable operation and economic operation.Power Substation  In the grid operation, any non-standard behavior, may affect the grid safe, stable operation, and even cause heavy accidents. If the implementation of substation attendance in the event of misjudgment caused by misuse, equipment maintenance management is not in place caused by malfunction or refusal, will bring to the family, business and society is not an estimated economic loss and political impact.Power Substation

The design of the system, first of all must be envisaged need to patrol the equipment required, and the best route when the inspection equipment, and then certainly down the inspection line and inspection projects, the arrangement of the inspection project code, and the code paste To the relevant equipment, all the code is unique. Operation, only the completion of the current project data collection work in order to carry out the next project operation, so as to avoid the work of the staff missed. Data stored in the collector, can be real-time query, compile or delete when needed.Power Substation