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Steel Tower Of Different Profiles

Steel Tower Of Different Profiles

Sep 05, 2017

     It is a kind of plate-type tower with descending liquid tube. The bubbling area is composed of angle steel (Fig/n), which is arranged in parallel with the liquid flow direction. Angle angle edge in the lower part, cut the “ v” Zigzag, adjacent to two of the angle between a certain grating, the same as the General tower.Steel Tower

     The liquid of the last plate flows into the &#8220 through the descending liquid tube; v” zigzag angle steel, while the gas is through the grid seam rising and liquid bubbling, mass transfer process, the tray on the gas-liquid flow status and sieve plate similar. The pressure drop of angle steel tower is small, the gas is more connected, the tray efficiency is good, the structure is simple, the machining is convenient and the rigidity is better. But processing hours is less efficient than sieve trays.Steel Tower

    Angle steel, commonly known as angle, is a long strip of steel perpendicular to each other. There are equal-angle steel and unequal angle steel. Equal width of two sides of the steel.Steel Tower

    The number of millimeters with width x edge width x edge is indicated. such as "∠30x30x3", that is, the Benquan is 30 mm, Binghou 3 mm of equal angle steel. can also be used model, the number is the width of the centimeter, such as ∠3#. The model does not indicate the size of the different sides in the same model, so the Benquan and edge thickness of the angle steel will be completed in the contract and other documents, so as to avoid the individual model. Hot-rolled and other corner steel specifications for 2#-20#.Steel Tower

    The angle steel can be composed of different force components according to the different needs of the structure, as well as the connecting parts between the components. Widely used in a variety of structural and engineering structures, such as housing beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and storage shelves.Steel Tower