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Structural Composition Of Wind Turbine Tower

Structural Composition Of Wind Turbine Tower

Aug 02, 2017

             Cabin: The engine room contains key equipment for wind turbines, including gear boxes and generators. The maintenance staff can enter the cabin through the wind turbine tower. The left end of the engine room is the rotor of the wind turbine, that is, the rotor blades and shafts. Rotor blades: Catch the wind and transmit the wind to the rotor axis. On modern 600-kilowatt wind turbines, each rotor blade is measured about 20 meters long and is designed to resemble the wings of an airplane. Axis: The rotor axis attaches to the low-speed axis of the wind generator.Wind Turbine Tower

            Low-speed shaft: The low-speed shaft of a wind turbine connects the rotor shaft to the gearbox. In modern 600-kilowatt wind turbines, the rotor speed is rather slow, about 19 to 30 rpm. The shaft has a conduit for the hydraulic system to stimulate the operation of the aerodynamic brake. Gearbox: The left side of the gearbox is the low-speed axis, which can increase the speed of the high-speed shaft to 50 times times the low-speed axis. High-speed shafts and their mechanical gates: high-speed shafts operate at 1500 rpm and drive generators. It is equipped with an emergency mechanical brake for the failure of an aerodynamic brake or when a wind turbine is repaired.Wind Turbine Tower

             Generators: Usually called induction motors or asynchronous generators. On modern wind turbines, the maximum power output is typically 500 to 1500-kilowatt. Yaw device: With the help of the motor to rotate the cabin, so that the rotor is facing the wind. The yaw device is operated by an electronic controller, and the electronic controller can feel the wind through the vane. The figure shows the yaw of the wind turbines. Typically, wind turbines deflect only a few degrees at a time when the wind changes direction. Electronic controller: Contains a computer that continuously monitors the state of a wind turbine and controls the yaw device. To prevent any failure (i.e., a gearbox or generator overheating), the controller can automatically stop the rotation of the wind generator and call the wind turbine operator via a telephone modem.Wind Turbine