The Specific Issues Of Power Substation

     In the new era of the rapid development of the national power grid, many of the substations that have been invested for many years have experienced the process of capacity enlargement, expansion and transformation, which makes the cable laying can be complicated, which affects aesthetics, and brings inconvenience to daily operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting. Therefore, how to rectify the substation's disorderly cable mezzanine, without affecting the normal power supply, has become a new subject before us.Power Substation

     The first is to clear the appearance of the cable interlayer rectification to achieve the effect and technical indicators; The second is to focus on the rectification process of the cable weight droop, causing the control screen cable joints loose problem; Again, the intricate cable mezzanine is arranged to make it beautiful. Power Substation

     The T-shaped bracket of the original cable interlayer is more or less deformed due to the influence of the capacity increase and renovation project, so the original T-shaped bracket should be adjusted to meet the aesthetic requirement at the beginning of the start. At the same time, the cement ground with expansion bolts welding fixed, and then with the same type angle steel at the bottom of the bracket docking reinforcement, increase the overall bearing weight. Then in the same height of T-shaped cable mezzanine bracket, add insulator and protect Earthing copper row to improve the reliability of substation operation.Power Substation

      According to the actual situation of the substation, you can design and install a cable tray with a round hole, and spray the pallet for anti-corrosion treatment. The cable tray is light weight, heavy load bearing capacity, handsome in appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, heat dissipation and good investment, effectively solves the problem that the cable is sagging under the control screen.Power Substation

     The line bracket is placed in a single cable tray, and the tray is connected with a small bolt. For the original fault layer laying of the cable, using the appropriate position in the cable tray slotting method, in the open Groove Center in the upper and lower layer separation, and rubber ring embedded in the groove, to protect the role of cable skin.Power Substation