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Types Of Power Substation

Types Of Power Substation

Aug 02, 2017

              Traditional outdoor-type substation mode: high-voltage switchgear with outdoor layout, transformer set in the outdoors, (ten) kv equipment in the form of indoor switch cabinet in the switch room, each electrical equipment using open air connection. Because of the high pressure equipment and its connection directly exposed in the outdoors, the environment and the requirements of insulation coordination is higher, the substation is usually towering high-rise, power facilities and space is larger, occupy more land, and the surrounding environment is not coordinated.Power Substation

              In order to solve the contradiction between land and environment, there appeared the indoor substation, all or part of electrical equipment installed in the indoor. The high pressure equipment uses the gas insulated enclosed equipment (GIS), and the equipment adopts the cable connection mode more. Indoor area of the substation and large size, installation, commissioning workload, construction cycle is long, total cost than outdoor substation is about 1 time times higher, only applicable to land tension in the city center.Power Substation

              The mode is close to the indoor substation, just all or part of the electrical equipment installed in the ground below, more effectively save the land area, but this model construction and maintenance costs are high, only applicable to land resources more scarce developed cities.Power Substation

              The above substation mode has pros and cons, suitable for different places, but the civil construction is on-site, by the seasonal climate, personnel and other factors, the large amount of earthwork excavation, high complexity of construction, if the substation into prefabricated assembly-type structure, the relevant equipment by the manufacturer in accordance with general specifications in the factory production, to the site after the external connection, the overall online and commissioning, you can reduce the overall cost, shorten the construction cycle, reduce maintenance input.Power Substation