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Welding Technology Of Steel Tower

Welding Technology Of Steel Tower

Sep 14, 2017

     Overhead transmission line through the wire with insulators and gold set on the tower above, so that the wire to the ground and buildings to maintain a certain distance, to achieve long-distance power transmission function. Compared with cable transmission, overhead transmission has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance, so it has been widely used.Steel Tower

     For higher voltage level overhead lines generally choose load bearing capacity, small footprint, long service life of the tower as a support. However, due to the design defects of some types of old lines, there exists the disadvantage of wind load and poor icing-resisting ability, and the inverted tower accident in the process of use, it needs to be strengthened and treated. Taking 110kV ZGU2 (7727) double loop straight line as an example, the tower type is widely used in line design. caused significant economic losses and poses a major threat to grid security.Steel Tower

     The tower is a large number of transmission towers, including more than 300m transmission towers more than 600 base. If a tower with higher intensity is used to improve the load-carrying capacity of the transmission tower, it will not only bring the high construction cost, but also the dispatch workload of the power outage overhaul.Steel Tower

Under extreme weather conditions, such as ice icing, the main material of the tower is the weak link of the structural stress, and to improve the bearing capacity of the towers, the main material needs to be strengthened. With the technology of welding reinforcement, the reinforcement of the transmission tower under the condition of non power outage and the improvement of its carrying capacity will greatly reduce the project cost and bring significant economic and social benefits. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the technology from the welding method, in order to promote the application and development of the welding reinforcement technology of transmission tower.Steel Tower

     When the iron tower is welded and reinforced, both the angle steel and the original angle of the transmission tower have galvanized layer, which overcomes the influence of the galvanized layer on the quality of the weld is the key to ensure the reinforcement quality. In addition, in the transmission tower welding to strengthen the need for high-altitude welding operations, welding position is mainly vertical welding, so in the selection of welding methods need to consider these factors. Arc welding of electrode is one of the most widely used and most common metal welding methods in production at present. The electrode arc welding has good position adaptability, and the suitable electrode can be used for all position welding.Steel Tower

     The coating of the electrode is composed of a gas-making agent, a slag-making agent and a ferroalloy. During the welding process, the above substances produce high temperature reaction to form slag gas protection. Slag formed by slagging agent can be a good protection of molten drops and molten pool, avoid oxidation with air contact, and the gas formed by gas-making agent reaction will isolate the weld area from air. The influence of the galvanized layer on the welding process can be effectively overcome by the characteristics of the joint protection of slag gas by arc welding of electrode. Therefore, compared with other welding methods, arc welding is a suitable method for the welding of transmission towers.Steel Tower