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What Are The Common Communication Towers?

What Are The Common Communication Towers?

Nov 06, 2019

1. The communication tower includes a new three-tube communication tower, a traditional type of angle steel tower and a pull tower.
The new three-tube communication tower draws on the design and construction experience of communication towers in developed countries, and uses seamless steel pipes as tower materials. By optimizing the design, the weight of the tower is minimized, the land occupation is reduced, and the basic cost and construction progress are saved. Help operators reduce the cost of communication tower construction projects, save national land and steel resources, and reduce operating and maintenance costs.
The pull tower is an overhead transmission line to support the support structure of the conductor and the lightning conductor. Make the wire meet the limit requirement on the ground and the ground. And can withstand the wire, lightning line and its own load and external load.
The angle steel tower is a plate tower with a downcomer.

2. Common communication towers are angle steel towers and cable towers.
The pull tower is composed of a tower head, a column and a pull line. The tower head and the column are generally composed of a space truss composed of angle iron. They have good overall stability and can withstand large axial pressure. The cable is generally made of high-strength steel strand and can withstand a large pulling force. The cable tower can make full use of the strength characteristics of the material and reduce the consumption of the material.