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Wind Turbine Tower Principle

Wind Turbine Tower Principle

May 23, 2017

Wind turbine tower is the wind power into mechanical work, mechanical power drive rotor rotation, the final output of AC power equipment. Wind turbine tower generally has wind wheel, generator (including device), adjuster (tail), tower, speed limit safety devices and energy storage devices and other components. The working principle of the wind turbine tower is relatively simple, the wind wheel in the wind under the action of rotation, it is the wind kinetic energy into the wind wheel shaft of mechanical energy, the generator in the wind wheel driven by the power generation. Broadly speaking, the wind is also solar energy, it can also be said that the wind turbine tower, is a solar heat source to the atmosphere as the working medium of the heat using the generator.

For many centuries, wind turbines, like hydraulic machinery, have played an important role in the development of productive forces as a source of power. The widespread application of modern electromechanical power and the discovery of the Middle East oilfield in the 1950s have slowed down the development of wind turbines.

In the early 1970s, due to the "oil crisis", there was a problem of energy stress, and people recognized the instability and limited nature of conventional mineral energy supply, and the search for clean renewable energy became an important issue in the modern world. Wind energy as a renewable, non-polluting natural energy has once again aroused people's attention.

Is the wind energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy into electrical power equipment. Broadly speaking, it is a kind of solar heat source, the atmosphere as the working medium of the heat using the engine. Wind power is the use of natural energy. Relative to diesel power generation is much better. But if the emergency to use, or less than diesel generators. Wind power can not be regarded as a backup power supply, but it can be used for a long time.

The principle of wind power generation is the use of wind power to promote the wind turbine blade rotation, and then through the speed of the machine will increase the speed of rotation to promote the generator power generation. According to the current wind turbine technology, about three meters per second of the breeze speed (the degree of breeze), you can start generating electricity.

Wind power is forming a boom in the world because wind power is not fueled and does not produce radiation or air pollution.

Wind power in Finland, Denmark and other countries is very popular; China is also strongly advocated in the western region. Small wind power generation system is very efficient, but it is not only composed of a generator head, but a certain scientific and technological content of the small system: wind turbine tower + charger + digital inverter. The wind turbine tower consists of a nose, a swivel, a tail, and a blade. Each part is very important, each part of the function: the blade used to accept the wind and through the head into electricity; tail so that the blade is always facing the direction of the wind in order to obtain the maximum wind energy; turn the nose can be flexible to achieve Tail rotor to adjust the direction of the function; nose rotor is permanent magnet, stator winding cutting magnetic field lines to generate electricity.

Wind turbine tower due to wind volume is not stable, so the output is 13 ~ 25V changes in the alternating current, subject to the charger rectifier, and then charge the battery, the wind turbine tower power generated by chemical energy. And then use the protection circuit of the inverter power supply, the battery chemical energy into AC 220V electricity, in order to ensure stable use.

Mechanical connection and power transfer: Horizontal shaft fan blade through the gear box and its high-speed shaft connected with the universal elastic coupling, the torque transmission to the generator shaft, the coupling should be a good absorption damping and The vibration characteristics are manifested as absorbing an appropriate amount of radial, axial and angular offset, and the coupling can prevent the mechanical device from overloading. The other for the direct drive fan blade does not pass through the gear box directly connected with the motor fan motor type